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The Clean Protein Revolution began because of all the crap in the whey protein market.  It was absolutely disgusting and appalling to me as a health, nutrition, and wellness expert.  The confusion and misinformation it has caused among millions of well-meaning athletes and fitness enthusiasts is inexcusable.

I have spoken with the creators and manufacturers of nearly every whey protein on the market and can tell you that profits have come before your health nearly every time.  It was about making a buck and marketing it in a way that you would buy it.  I’ve had enough.

I encourage you to join the Clean Protein Revolution and Take the Pledge today!  To Take the Pledge, simply leave a comment below stating, “I took the pledge!

Here’s the pledge and here’s to your health:

I, _______________, pledge to only consume bioactive whey protein concentrate.  I understand that all whey protein isolate and most concentrates are damaged protein and that damaged protein can cause degenerative disease.  

I pledge to inform and encourage other whey protein users to join the Clean Protein Revolution and vow to only consume clean whey protein that is free of artificial sweeteners, artificial flavoring, damaged proteins, preservatives, chemicals, pesticides, hormones, and GMOs.


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