Healing After Surgery

Surgery causes skeletal muscle tissue to be broken down in order to release amino acids. These amino acids are then transported to the site of injury. They promote wound healing, strengthen the immune system, and support vital organs. During healing, new cells are produced to repair the damaged cells, and new tissue and blood vessels also develop. These activities require proteins. If the diet is deficient in proteins, post surgical recovery is delayed.

According to a study published in Spine medical journal in November 1996, the rate of post-operative complications are considerably lowered when the nutritional status of the patient is adequate. Protein supplementation with a beyond organic whey protein concentrate (like Pulse – see number 6 above) decreases healing time and prevents the loss of skeletal muscle tissue.

People who have just undergone surgery also have a compromised immune system. So, the immune enhancing effect of a good quality bioactive whey protein supplement like Pulse can be very beneficial.



“Spine”; Perioperative Nutrition and Postoperative Complications in Patients Undergoing Spinal Surgery; Jeffrey Kline, M.D., et al.; November 1996