Pulse Whey Protein

Non-rBGH, GMO-free, Chemical-free, Pesticide-free, Hormone-Treatment-free, No Artificial Sweeteners, 100% Natural, Grass-fed cows, Low Glycemic Index, Lacto-Vegetarian, and Crossfit-approved!

1. Difference between Whey Protein Concentrate (pulse) and Whey Protein Isolate (other whey proteins), with regards to the integrity of the protein.

Presently, the various commercial methods of processing whey do not improve or even maintain the fragile immune modulating and regenerative components or the biological activity that was originally in the milk. Most are overly processed and damaged during the manufacturing process (which can cause degenerative diseases!).

There are three commercial production methods, which comprise the majority of available whey proteins. They are isolates (the most popular), ion-exchange and hydrolyzed forms. They are all ultra-filtered, cross-flow filtered or micro-filtered via elaborate patented methods developed by large dairies. The milk used in these three methods undergoes major processing that involves high heat (often multiple times) and drastic acidification of the whey to produce curds for manufacturing cheese. These steps denature (damage) the proteins. Extensive filtration is then required to remove the many denatured proteins in order to produce the highest percentage of protein. Unfortunately, the fragile vital protein components (immunoglobulins, lactoferring, serum albumin, etc), which determine the biological activity of the protein, are not retained. The terms undenatured and cold-processed are prevalent with these commercial products, but once a protein is denatured it is not possible to undenature it.

The key point in regard to the quality and effectiveness of whey is that the full range of biological activity and proportion of the protein components be preserved in their original native form as nature provided. Only whey that is minimally processed and maintained can achieve that goal. Additionally, the health of the milking cows and quality of the milk is the foundation of this type of product.