Over-relying on Antibiotics – Bad Idea

We have all seen the scary movies about an epidemic breaking out and suddenly – everyone is eating brains. Well, with only so many brains to go around, you can see how this is a problem. The good news is that humans turning into zombies is really – probably – not going to happen. The bad news is that these movies and TV series represent something different – drug-resistant bacteria.

The sort of bacteria that goes ‘nom-nom’ on all the vital bits. It’s true. Bacteria are becoming resistant to anything that science has to throw at them – plain and simple. Now, to understand this better, you need to just take a look at the World Health Organization and what they advise – their advice is rather simple in fact – try not to fight disease with antibiotics.

Do you have the flu? Then perhaps you should try to stay in, drink plenty of fluid and truly stay off the antibiotics. As we use antibiotics, we reveal our strongest hands. Think about it, if this were a game of poker, you would be the equivalent of a player smiling gleefully every time he or she opened with a pair of A’s or an A, K combination.

Over-relying on Antibiotics – Bad Idea

The truth is, every time we get sick and use antibiotics to get better, things just begin to spiral out of control. The disease dies but bits of it move on and it memorizes what you have just done to it so it does the only logical thing it can to survive.

It evolves at such a quick pace that scientists cannot keep up with developing new drugs to defeat the new strains. A pandemic occurrence could potentially wipe out 20 to 80% of the human population, which is a whole lot.

This would lead to major disruptions across the entire world, leaving little chance for a divided species to survive. Therefore, we need to do everything in our power to prevent disease. When doctors don’t prescribe drugs, it’s for a good reason.

Fighting the Problem with a Practical Solution

It may appear almost bizarre, but avoiding drugs for as long as possible – except in the cases where a trained doctor has recommended it, is of absolute importance.

There is a rather simple reason behind this – giving scientists enough time to adapt and expand new drugs to combat the challenges that super-resistant bacteria now pose.

For instance, when you need a locksmith done, you will always hire an expert from 247locksmithsnearme.com so why would you doubt the advice of your doctor who is telling you to make sure that you are following his prescription.

Yes, going through the flu is definitely a tough time – and especially when you don’t have the support of pills. But tea, honey, and even alcohol – such as rum, can help you feel better as well as stay warm. That’s why it’s absolutely important to respond adequately to each situation.

With this being said, think of your doctor as your locksmith and don’t doubt their advice. Sometimes even taking something as simple as a temperature-fighting drug might throw a big spanner in the works.

Is Doomsday Coming?

Many have become cognizant that the time that we won’t be able to fight disease has come, but this is not completely true. However, there’s plenty of reason to be scared. For instance, the formula for the antibiotics we are using today is three-decade-old.

Imagine yourself operating a car that was that old. Staying healthy is challenging all by itself, but in the majority of cases, this means to never underestimate the weather. However, there are other things – pathogens that are spreading freedom and have learned how to fight off the same antibiotics that have been designed to kill them.

As a result, you can see more and more bacteria surviving where they are not supposed to and this is definitely worrying a lot of people.

However, not all is lost – health officials have now all started adopting measures to counteract the rise of the super bacteria. And the way to do this is quite obvious, in fact. You will have to just keep following your doctor’s advice and all calamity will be averted.

Well, up to the point. Pathogens are still there and scientists are yet to discover a way to address this. You will need to also focus on trying to stay healthy – lead a healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of healthy things and don’t stay cold in winter or overheat in summer. Treat yourself when you know something is wrong.  

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