Hair Loss & Growth

In a 2010 study preformed by Dr. Lawrence Shapiro, 62% of participants who consumed specially formulated bioactive whey protein concentrate shakes (like Pulse) that included vitamins for 4 weeks, noticed significant hair improvement. Perceived nail strength, length, health, less breakage, and faster growth was noted by 93% of subjects, with 66% noticing significant nail improvement.

Interestingly, at the same time, Dr. Shapiro had a group consume a whey isolate shake and the results were exactly the opposite.  Of these subjects, 95% noticed moderate or worse hair damage from taking whey protein isolates, including hair loss, breakage, dullness, weaker hair, less bounce, thinning, and slower growth. Significant damage was reported by 30% of the subjects.

Dr. Shapiro also conducted a study of 115 subjects to chart their transplanted hair growth after a hair transplant and taking EWPC (bio-active whey protein concentrate) twice daily. The results showed that the subjects taking EWPC had significant growth 12 week after their hair transplants, while the control group had no significant growth. A follow-up study of 52 of these subjects showed most patients (89%) had complete growth 6 months after their hair transplant, while the controlled group took 9 months to have complete growth.


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