Whey Concentrate vs. Whey Isolate


There’s no shortage of whey protein products on the market, but unfortunately, most of them will NOT give you the health benefits you read about in the science articles related to whey protein.  There is probably no other area of processed foods where you need to be more careful than in selecting a high quality whey supplement. 1.  Whey protein isolates have dangerous forms of protein. Beware of whey protein isolates.  Over 97% of the whey protein available today is isolate. This means they have altered the molecular structure of the whole protein by isolating the protein from essential molecules, such as immunoglobulins, leucine, and cysteine, which help break down protein in the body.  In the isolation process (separating protein from vital nutrients that support the immune system and enhance the effects of protein in the body), the protein itself gets damaged. If you have taken biochemistry, you will be familiar with optical isomers.  Proteins in foods and in your body are in the L form, but processing used to produce whey isolates produces damaging D optical isomers, which are not designed to be in your body.  Depositing these D proteins in your bone, brain, and muscle is associated with accelerated aging.  Accumulation of D proteins in the brain has been linked to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Whey protein isolates are devoid of nutritional co-factors including alkalizing minerals, naturally occurring vitamins, and lipids, which are lost in the processing. This renders them deficient and overly acidifying. They are putrid proteins, which are actually more damaging than rancid fats. Non-denatured whole protein concentrates, like Pulse, which do not acidify your body due to their alkalinizing minerals, should be the only protein supplement you consume. 2.  Whey protein isolate can be a serious liability. If chronically consumed in large amounts (the traditional whey protein isolate manufacturers recommend one gram of protein per pound of body weight!), such as with bodybuilders or athletes, without alkalizing foods, isolates can acidify your body and over time and may lead to metabolic acidosis with consequences that include waste of muscle and bone tissues, total metabolic shut down, and increased vulnerability to degenerative disease. Many cheap whey protein isolates are produced from cheese; they are byproducts of acid processing, which is a cheap way to separate whey from the curd.  Most of these whey products are rated below pet foods because of the inferior quality of the protein, which is actually more of a nitrogen waste product than one that will produce health benefits. Additionally, once the fat has been removed from whey protein isolate, you lose some of the most important components of its immunological properties, such as phospholipids, phosphatidylserine, and CLA.  All of the IgG, immunoglobulins, which are an excellent source of glutamine and glutamylcysteine (the major precursor to glutathione, another phenomenal anti-aging nutrient), are also bound to the fat globule, and therefore lost in the processing of whey isolates. The bottom line – DO NOT use inferior whey protein isolates, as there is no doubt it will cause more damage to you than benefit. 3.  Most whey proteins are derived from unhealthy, grain-fed cows. Average whey protein powders are made from unhealthy grain-fed cows that are routinely given antibiotics and hormones, which accumulate in their milk and their derived whey, unlike, grass-fed cows, who must feed on natural pastures for the entire year and are not given hormones or antibiotics. Grain fed cows produce milk that is lower in CLA, essential fatty acids, and has a lower amino acid profile 247Cerrajero-orlando. Pulse whey protein powder is derived from 100% grass fed cows that graze on 100% natural pastures 365 days a year (thus classified as Beyond Organic). **Even organic cows are only required to graze on natural pastures 30% of the time, which means that up to 70% of the time, they are being supplemented with grain! Pulse clean whey goes Beyond Organic standards to make sure that you get the highest levels of nutrition possible. Grain fed cows produce milk that is lower in CLA, essential fatty acids, and a lower amino acid profile. Pulse whey protein powder is derived from 100% grass fed cows who graze on 100% natural pastures 365 days a year! 4.  Most whey proteins are processed from ultra-pasteurized milk and many are exposed to acid processing. Heat and acid damages the protein and makes it insoluble in water (which is why whey protein can be chalky and clumpy).  This is one of the key ways to differentiate high quality whey protein from inferior ones. But the whey manufacturers know this, and know that insoluble powders are not appealing for a variety of reasons, so they add chemical flavors and detergents to restore flavor and solubility.  They either put in soy lecithin (most likely GMO-see number 6) and dump in chemical surfactants, which are used in soap, like polysorbate 80, propylene glycol, and ethoxylated mono-diglycerides, along with maltodextrin, caseinates, and hydrolyzed proteins, which are really disguised MSG. Pulse is a minimally processed whey that does not require instantizing, yet still dissolves easily and completely in liquid! That is virtually unheard of in the whey market. We are proud to be GMO free! 5. Most whey proteins use artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, acesulfame-k, and sucralose. You will find little argument in the health and medical community regarding the dangers of artificial sweeteners. Yet, most protein powder manufactures still use these cheap chemical cocktails—acesulfame-k, aspartame, sucralose—in their products.  Consumers are starting to take notice. You will never find chemicals of any kind in Pulse, including artificial sweeteners.  We use nature’s sweetener, stevia, which is widely accepted as the safest, best tasting alternative to sugar. 6.  All whey protein concentrates are not created equal.  Of the few whey protein concentrate products on the market, most of them are not bioactive.  Whey protein that is not biologically active is neutral at best, damaging at worst.  This is due to how most whey protein concentrates and isolates are processed – most are overheated and damaged.  Biologically active whey protein concentrates, like Pulse, are carefully and minimally processed in order to maintain its micro-factions at the highest levels. Even fewer whey concentrates come from grass-fed cows, and contain no artificial sweeteners, additives, colors, or preservatives! Pulse is the one protein supplement you can take with confidence. 7.  Most whey proteins are instantized with soy lecithin. Even a lot of “all-natural” whey proteins are instantized with soy, which is another layer of processing. So what exactly is soy lecithin? Soy lecithin comes from soy oil. After the soybeans are pressed and the oil is extracted, the sludge left over is made into soy lecithin. It’s a nasty looking product that requires harsh chemical processing using hexane. Other chemicals are added to kill off the putrid smell. Soy companies decided soy lecithin could be used as an emulsifier and marketed it that way. Thus, it has found its way into protein powders since the late 1980′s. The other component of soy lecithin to consider is that up to 91% of all soy products are now genetically modified (GMO), and there is growing evidence that ingesting soy should be avoided due to its estrogenic mimicking effects. We are proud that Pulse contains no soy, requires no instantizing, and is GMO free!

How Playing Bridge and Other Games Can Boost Your Immunity

Do you like to play bridge? How about casino games? Are meditation and positive thinking part of your daily routine? If you’ve answered affirmatively to at least a few of these questions, your immune system is more likely to protect you against illness, colds and the like. This is what a study by the University of California-Berkeley revealed a few years ago – and it encouraged researchers to further study the matter. It would appear that playing contract bridge could boost our immunity by multiplying the cells in the immune system. Generally speaking, any voluntary action such as positive thinking and meditation could strengthen our immunity. Here is how:

The Human Cortex Stimulates The Immune Systemimmune system

The previously mentioned study revealed that our cortex is constantly subject to our control and it can, therefore, be used to stimulate the functioning of the immune system. The activity inside the brain influences the way the immune system works, which means we can learn how to voluntarily manage our white blood cells and fight health conditions. The study had data accumulated over the course of 15 years as a result of research done on rodent brains. Scientists managed to successfully find the area inside the cortex that can stimulate the immune response of the body.

As for revealing the importance of these results on humans, researchers observed a women’s bridge club in Orinda, CA. The game of bridge was specially chosen from other games as it was considered an excellent stimulus for the dorsolateral cortex responsible for the immune system’s activity.

A bridge player will always plan his next moves and rely on his memory. This translates to a lot of sequencing and similar functions involving this particular area in the brain. Similarly, a poker or a blackjack player will take his time and plan ahead the next moves within a game to increase his chances of winning. If you are a big fan of these games and you oftentimes play them on your phone, while on the move, or at home using your desktop computer, chances are your immune system also benefits from it. Squeezing in some relaxing online roulette games in between two bridge or poker sessions is also advisable. It can help you feel more at ease and stress-free, as the game has simple rules that anyone can follow and it does not require the use of any complicated strategies and skills. Anything that can keep the stress at bay is also good for the immune system.

As part of the Berkeley study, the subjects were divided into three different groups and were asked to play a 90-minute bridge set. They were taken blood samples both before and after playing the games. All subjects showed significant changes in their white blood cell levels. These cells are responsible for searching for viruses inside the body.

Diamond said that in two of the groups, the levels of these T cells increased significantly. The third group showed only a slight increase, not enough to be statistically significant. The rise in the number of CD-4 cells was the only change visible in all of the blood tests. In other words, we can play bridge, poker or meditate and basically influence the way our immune system works. Pick up the phone and call your buddies and go out on a fun bridge or poker night – you won’t just be having fun and potentially win some money, but you will also kickstart your immunity and steer clear from disease. It’s definitely worth a try!

How Else Can You Strengthen Your Immune System?

The immune system requires a lot of pampering and care in order to work the right way and fight off germs, bacteria and other health-threatening invaders. Having a healthy lifestyle is one powerful tool to use. Eating a balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, exercising on a daily basis for at least 20 minutes, getting enough quality sleep at night, quitting smoking and other drugs, drinking alcohol in moderation – these are just a few of the main direction to follow if you want to have a healthier, stronger and better working immune system.

Keeping stress to a minimum may be easier said than done, but it will prove to also positively influence your immunity. Incorporate more games, walks, movie marathons and music into your life – anything that relaxes you and helps ease the pressure and anxiety is welcome.